2 Tier Chrome Dish Drainer Plate Cutlery Cup Plates Holder Sink Drip Tray, kitchen Rack in Silver color with cutlery caddy and cup holder.


  • High quality 2 tier dish drainer.
  • The top tier is designed to hold plates, bowls and dishes while the bottom can be used to dry utensils and glasses
  • Keep all the cooking utensils and cups tidy, dry, and clean easily
  • Removable plastic drip tray, allowing arbitrary storage
  • Total Size: Approx. 44cm x 38cm x 25cm

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Dish drainer high quality stainless steel rack that gives you plenty of space to dry your pots, pans, plates, cups and cutlery.

Made from a combination of chrome-plated and powder-coated steel, the 2-tier dish drainer’s stylishness belies its practicality. It flaunts a flat bottom rack perfect for bowls and pans, slots in the top tier for plates, a special caddy for cutlery and hooks for hanging mugs. Plus a plastic drip tray catches water to protect your counter top if you don’t have a draining board.

It’s simple to put together too, with no need for tools! All you need to worry about is remembering to put the dishes away!

To ensure your kitchen is perfectly coordinated, the drainer is also available in other colors in our site.

With the removable drip tray included in the Dish Drainer’s design it’s even easier to maintain a clean and mess free kitchen while your dishes are drying. Simply slide it out and pour away any excess water drained from the dishes once dried.



The two-tier system embedded into the Dish Drainer’s design is allows a wide array of dishes to be dried and stored at any one time, a generous maximum of 17 plates or bowls, to be exact.

Convenient Features:

Designed for your convenience, the Dish Drainer features anti-slip feet to maintain the sturdiness of the two-tiered design. This is an excellent feature for ensuring that your kitchenware stays safe and secure when drying and will not be disrupted by water on the kitchen countertop’s surface.


The self-draining element of the Dish Drainer means no effort is required from you once the dishes are placed into the rack. Added to this, the Dish Drainer is complete with a variety of compartments to allow easy and safe storage of up to 6 cups and a hefty handful of cutlery as well as plenty of dishes, once washed.

Resilient Design:

Made from high quality materials, the Dish Drainer is constructed from heavy duty wire, able to withstand consistent daily use, while equally maintaining a sleek, lightweight body.

Do the Dishes in Style:

The side frames integrated into the Dish Drainer’s body allow it to maintain a strong structure as well as making the unit easy to handle and move around the kitchen. What’s more, the Dish Drainer is available in three striking colour options – Red, Black or Chrome – giving you the freedom to choose the perfect style to suit your kitchen.


2-tier Dish Drainer

Includes cutlery caddy and mug hooks

Plastic drip tray

Care instructions:

Wash in warm soapy water, rinse and leave to dry naturally.