Portable Orthopedic Cushion Soft Leg Pillow For Back Hip Legs Knee Support


Product size : 23 x 23 x 15 cm 


Portable Orthopedic Cushion Soft Leg Pillow For Back Hip Legs Knee Support.

SLEEPCOMFORTABLY IN ANY POSITION & MOVE FREELY THROUGH THE NIGHT – Unliketradition knee pillows, this pillow features a truly ergonomic designwith its soft curves & crescent shape to fit men & women comfortably.Without requiring hazardous, circulation restricting straps, the precise tetherof the pillow contours to fit the natural shape of your legs. This allows thefoam leg pillow to contour to your shape without restricting movement orrequiring you to sleep in a certain position.

Orthopedic knee pillow with memory foam, ergonomically cut shape to provide you with more comfortable support without deformation. The pillowcase of the knee pillow is made of high-quality, breathable and soft double-layer polyurethane fabric, which can keep the legacy leg pillow dry and hygienic for a long time.

Helps you relieve the discomfort of back, buttocks, legs, knees and sciatica. The contour design of the jml pillow pad perfectly fits the human body curve, allowing your legs to maintain a natural posture during sleep. And make you refreshed the next day

You can place the knee wedge pillow wherever you need it, such as thighs, calves, knees or even neck. Leg pillow for sleeping have become a good companion for people who lack sleep, and are warmly welcomed by pregnant women and side sleepers.

Has a white pillowcase made of velvet woven cloth, which is friendly to your skin. The orthopedic knee pillow has a hidden zipper that allows you to remove and clean the pillowcase. Note: Memory foam knee pillow cannot be cleaned

Can also be used not only in beds, sofas, offices, recliners, airplanes or long-distance trips, but also as gifts for your loved ones. This home knee pillow is widely used when people sleep, read books or watch TV.