Flashing Extending Unicorn Wand LED Light up Wand Toy for Kids Unicorns are all about magic and is Flashing Unicorn Sabre with a projections globe at its base is no exception.

  • Extending Wand
  • Large unicorn head
  • Multicolour LEDs
  • Projector disco ball at base
  • 61cm Long (Extended)
  • 35.5cm Long (Folded down)
  • Width 9cm
  • 2 x AAA batteries (included)

Flashing Extending Unicorn Wand

This cool flashing unicorn wand, which can be extended from 35.5 cm to an astonishing 61 cm with the flick of a wrist, is perfect for kids. The wand includes six magical modes that may be selected with a single push of a button: Fast strobing multicolor flash on initial press, Slow multicolor scroll on second press, Static multicolor on fourth and fifth pressing, Flash red, Flash blue, Flash green, and lastly Off. In addition to the unicorn head and wand lighting up, the wand also features a faceted disco ball at the base of the handle that projects vibrant colours onto the floor, the walls, or the child, adding even more magic and delight. Kids are going to go crazy for the incredible projections! Great for discos, parties, camping, sleepovers, or at night time outdoor events. The wand has 2 x AAA batteries installed, and they are replaceable, making this more of a ‘toy’ than a one use flash novelty. Suitable for kids 3+ years.