Brand:                     Signature Collection
Colour:                    Green
Burst Pressure:     12 bar
Material:                 Inner Double Latex, Outer Fabric 2500DD, Brass Fitting
Features:                Anti-Kink, Automatic Rewind, PVC-Free, Retractable, Ultra Flexible
Set Includes:          Fittings, Hose Box, Hose Guide, Hose Nozzle, Spray Gun
Size:                       7.5M Expends up to 75FT – 22.5M with right water pressure.

Premium Quality

Extremely Flexible Expanding Garden Hose in Professional Quality Double Latex Inner Tube With Brass Fittings. The multi-functional Spray Nozzle with 8 Functions. Expanding Garden Water Hose, covered with Elastic Non-Abrasive Plastic Which Can Expand Up to 3 Times of Its Original Length. Made from high pressure-resistance durable material.

Due to The Reliable Pressure-Resistant Flex Hose Technology the Expandable Pipe Never Kinks or Tangles.


7.5M Expends up to 75FT – 22.5M with right water pressure.


Expandable Garden Hose as The Name Suggest Is New Type of Garden Hose That Expands 3 Times Its Original Length When Water Pressure Is On, And Contracts to Its Original Length When Its Off. This Flexibility Allows Expandable Hose to Be Self Draining, Non Kinking, Non Twisting and Non Tangling Garden Hose.

In Short –  Expandable Garden Hose;

  • Expands 3 Times Its Length When Water Pressure Is On
  • Contracts to Its Original Length When Pressure Is Off
  • Weights 5 Times Less Than Traditional Garden Hose
  • Self-Drains Itself When Not in Use
  • Never Tangles, Twists or Kinks
  • Easy to Store in Very Small Places

Instructions for Use:


  • Before You start using your hose pipe for the first time, check that the rubber ring is installed inside the end of the hose that connects to water tap, or the hose may leak.
  •  Attach the side of the hose with the female fitting and the rubber ring to the water source. Attach the multi functional spray gun too.
  • Turn the water on at the tap, allowing the water pressure in the hose to increase gradually, Do not start using the hose just yet. The hose will automatically expend up to 3 times its original length when full.
  • When the hose in fully expended you can start using  it like any ordinary garden hose pipe.
  • The hose will not extend to its full length if your water pressure was below 4bars.
  • High Water pressure of 12bars can burst the hose pipe.
  • To prevent leaking make sure are the connections are tight enough.
  • After Use, turn the water off at the tap, You can leave the hose pipe for short time if you plan to come back soon and use it again.
  • When the hose pipe is not in use close the water tap, open the hose gun to allow the water in the hose to drain out. It will automatically extract back into its original size.


Irrigation and Washing in The Parks, Community, Factories and Families

Pets Bathing, Hose Cleaning

Car Washing, Garden Watering

Package Include

1 X Expandable Garden Hose Pipe

1 X 8 Function Multi-Functional Spray Nozzle

1 x Tap Connector

Do’s & Don’ts

This Hose is designed for Domestic garden use only. Not for non-domestic use. It comes with tap connector that can fit on most outdoors taps, please refer to the pictures in this listing. It will not fit on your kitchen sink tap. If you are not sure please contact us before buying. Refer to the manual and care instruction, read before first use. Following Are Some User Instructions, Which If Followed Can Increase the Life of Your Expandable Garden Hose:

  • When Using the Hose First Time, ensure to Fill the Hose with Water with The Shut Off Valve Off and Allow the Hose to Stretch and Expand. Once It Has Expanded, Release The Water and Repeat the Above Process Once More Before Started Using It.
  • Attach The 8 Setting Spray Nozzle On the Other End of the Hose.
  • When Fully Expanded Its Ready to Use.
  • Turn The Water Off at The Source When the Hose Is Not in Use.
  • Squeeze The Nozzle to Drain the Hose Completely and Allowing the Hose to Contract to Its Original Length.
  • Do Not Use the Hose for Drinking Water.
  • Do Not Leave the Hose Exposed to Sun for Long Time.
  • Do Not Leave the Hose Out in Extreme Winter Weather. Be Careful to Use Hose On Rough Concrete and Sharp Edges.
  • Keep The Hose Indoor and Shaded to Increase the Life of the Hose.
  • Be Very Careful While Pulling / Dragging The Hose to The Rough Ground in Case the Sharp Sand Enters into and Pierces the Hose
  • Do Not Stamp the Hose.

Any Problem

Please note that the correct water pressure is needed for the Hose to fully expand .Low water pressure will result in hose not expanding fully . Too high water pressure will result in hose bursting . Please read our ( do and don’t ) above to make sure the hose don’t get damaged .